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Consult with a local attorney
Obtain business legal advice.
Help filling out immigration forms.
Debt problems, debt relief
Credit repair and correction of credit history.
Online wills, small claims, divorces, power of attorney, trademarks, copyrights
Legal Match offers no-fee consultations with attorneys in your area.
Legal Match offers referrals for business attorneys.
LegalZoom, founded by Robert Shapiro, helps you create legal documents yourself and has them reviewed by a professional. Services include corporations, trademarks, wills, copyrights, patents, divorces, power of attorney, business names, name changes, small claims, and prenuptials.
INS Experts will assist you in filling out immigration applications such as for citizenship or naturalization, renewal of green card, removing conditions, obtaining green cards, K-visas for fiancee or wife, and employment authorizations.
Complete do it yourself immigration kits.
Gerald McNally, a professional law center, known as the National Legal Debt Centers, assists consumers avoid bankrupcy but yet obtain relief from their debts. If you owe of $20,000 in unsecured debt and are having a financial hardship, contact NLDC.
Want to fix your credit report and remove negative items from your history? Academy Law's attorneys can help.
Incorporate for only $50 plus state fees.